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Seize Your Adventure

Exploring the spectrum of adventure through narratives and interviews from people living with epilepsy.

Seize Your Adventure is like the multi-tool in your backpack: a great adventure podcast that is also an epilepsy podcast!

From long-distance hikes in Europe to skiing in snowstorms, storytelling episodes share life-changing journeys and the smaller moments spent between seizures. ​ The ‘chats’ with guests dive into the deeper stuff, the hidden aspects of taking on adventures with epilepsy - from carrying medication in a backpack, to assessing seizure risks in the wilderness and recognising limitations.

Plus, we investigate the perceptions of epilepsy in society and the adventure community.​ So get ready to explore the whole spectrum of adventure sports and outdoor living, through narratives and interviews from people living with epilepsy!

Seize Your Adventure is hosted by Fran Turauskis and is part of the Tremula Network.

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What People Say

Apple Podcasts Review

I absolutely adore the way that this podcast has been put together; it's super professional and highly entertaining!

Jake Quigley,
Outdoor Mindset

We want to celebrate all the content Seize Your Adventure provides. The stories and interviews are really powerful

Apple Podcast Review

 I think it’s incredible how much of a light it shines on developing independence and making the outdoors more accessible.

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Support the show!

Seize Your Adventure is an independent production. It is self-funded, and listeners can help support the running costs through monthly donations.

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