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Fran Turauskis profile picture. She is wearing a running vest and baseball cap and is laughing

Francesca Turauskis

After she walked the Camino de Santiago, solo, in 2017, Fran became uncomfortable with descriptions such as 'brave' and 'inspirational' when people learned about her epilepsy diagnosis. She created Seize Your Adventure to normalise the idea of epilepsy in adventure. As host, editor and producer, she collates all audio and visual content on the podcast, website and social media. Francesca is now an Audio Producer and Founder of the Tremula Network.

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Frankie wearing her ‘game face’ as she paddles back to the line-up after catching a wave.

Frankie York

Frankie is a passionate surfer who suffered frequent and debilitating seizures that stopped her from surfing entirely for years. Find out more

Jade Nelson wearing a day pack and head scarf, laughing

Jade Nelson

Jade practices the 

ketogenic diet.  She enjoys SUP, yoga, hiking and swimming.  

Find her at

Joe Stevenson in front of the rock cairn on Ben Nevis, with his thumbs up

Joe Stevenson

Hiking hobbyist Joe is a member of Manchester and District Walkers (MAD Walkers)He runs a blog (

Close-up of Jake in hat and sunglasses, smiling

Jake Quigley

Jake Quigley is the executive director of  Outdoor Mindset. He can be found adventuring    with his wife, Jeanie, by foot, bike, or ski.

Amanda Plomp mid race with a smile on her face

Amanda Plomp

Amanda Plomp is a runner with epilepsy from Canada.  She blogs about both on her website Tremors of My World.


Becky Sampson on a pink salt flats, with her arms out wide

Becky Sampson

Becky Sampson has been travelling the world by bicycle for 3 years, You can find her at Misadventure Magnet on Facebook. 

Ian Johnston in a wetsuit sitting in a rock pool and laughing

Ian Johnston

Ian has a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. His dissertation focused on the influence of epilepsy on habitual activity.

Annie Brooks at Brighton beach, smiling and holding up her race number

Annie Brooks

Annie Brooks, is a blogger and Youtuber from the award-winning blog Tales of Annie Beancovers fitness, travel, lifestyle and adventure!

Square photo Jared Muscat stands on a be

Jared Muscat

Jared Muscat is the Social Media Producer for Patagonia. When he’s not at his desk you can find him out in the ocean surfing.

Low angle pic of Cath looking badass at

Cath Shanks

Cath Shanks is a skate coach who was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy in 2010. You can find her on Instagram @specialeptic. 

Jewel Gibson sitting in front of a window, writing and laughing

Jewel Gibson

Jewel is a mom, a wife, a teacher and blogger from Brooklyn, New York. Her Instagram and blog, Life's A Jewel, focuses on motherhood and healthy living.

Chris Winwood wears a warm red First Responder jacker, a crash helmet and ski googles.

Chris Winwood

Chris is Epilepsy has a BA in Nature Based Tourism. His Facebook page is Diaries of an Epileptic Dirtbag Otaku.

Cameron Scwartzkopf wears sunglasses, a

Cameron Scwatzkopf

Cameron is a surfer originally from Mammoth lakes in California, but splits his time between the US and Switzerland, where his wife's family are. 

Martin leaning out a car window.jpg

Martin Hossell

An epilepsy warrior from London, Martin wants to show others with epilepsy that it can't stop you from doing some travelling! Find his blog Epilepsy Traveller, and on Insta @EpilepsyTraveller

Jordan Wylie and a small child smiling at each other

Jordan Wylie

Soldier, Adventurer, Author. Jordan is the brains behind Running Dangerously and Rowing Dangerously. Find him at

The Supporters

Seize Your Adventure is listener supported. Thank you to the following Patrons:

Catherine Coppinger

Damiana Day

Mark T.

Chris Winwood

Vicky & Maggie

Leah K.

Kathi Kamleitner (Wild For Scotland podcast)


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