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Episode 3 | A Chat with Annie Brooks: Swimming, Triathlons and Races with Partial Seizures

Annie Brooks, is a blogger and Youtuber from the award-winning blog Tales of Annie Bean, a website and video channel that covers fitness, travel, lifestyle and (of course) adventure!

Annie was diagnosed with epilepsy in the form of complex partial seizures back in 2012, so a lot of her blog journey has been about learning to be active with the condition. She recently took on 12 in 12 challenges to raise awareness to the condition, and hopefully inspire fellow sufferers to keep healthy and active. Beyond her condition Annie covers a lot of travel and takes herself on a variety of adventures with her husband Nick and dog Winnie. 

In today's episode we talk about:

  • How a blog about fashion became something very different

  • The best things to do in California

  • Camping in the Lake District

  • Running a 10K at the Keswick Mountain Festival

  • Annie's epilepsy diagnosis

  • Learning to live with partial seizures

  • How Annie started triathlons

  • Doing 12 challenges in 12 months for epilepsy awareness

  • Safely doing open water swimming with epilepsy (and why she loves it!)

  • Training for an Ironman

  • How having a seizure during a half marathon stuck with her

  • Running the Brighton Half in a storm!

  • Keeping fit in lockdown

  • And much, much more!


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The FULL TRANSCRIPT of this episode is now available, and you can read all the auto-transcripts on YouTube.


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