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Episode 1 | A Chat with Becky Sampson: Travelling the World by Bicycle, with Epilepsy

Welcome to Season Two of Seize Your Adventure! This season, I will be speaking to even more people about a wider range of sports, and the conversations coming up in Season Two feel even more relevant in the current climate.

Today’s chat is with a lady called Becky Sampson. Becky is from the UK, but she hasn’t been based there for over three years now. She got in touch with me over a year ago when she was halfway through riding a bike across New Zealand. I was already pretty impressed and jealous of this fact, but she went on to tell me that she had already been riding in Canada and some of the US. And after New Zealand she was heading on to Australia and then planning to cycle the long way home through Asia and Europe.I really think the guests talking about accepting and adapting to limits.

In today's episode we talk about:

  • Cycling around the world

  • Adapting her bike to her own needs

  • Travel insurance for long-term trips

  • The extra costs on travel insurance for having epilepsy

  • Which epilepsy medications is available around the world

  • Which epilepsy medication is difficult at border crossings

  • Changing medications and the side effects

  • Having a seizure in a forest

  • How travel partners have reacted to seizures

  • The cost of an ambulance, a sandwich and a drink...

  • Nearly running over a bear on her bike in Canada!



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