Bonus Birthday Episode | Revisit West Texas

The Seize Your Adventure podcast is 2 years old! Join me in the celebrations with a Happy Birthday, some facts and stats about the last 2 years, and a return to where it all started in West Texas with Jade Nelson...

The facts and stats:

  • The first episode of the podcast went live on 3rd December 2018

  • But the trailer launched on November 5th 2018

  • There are 32 episodes in the back-catalogue

  • Including 6 story episodes, 13 chats, 3 trailers, 3 journalistic episodes, 2 times I had to make 2 episodes with 1 chat, and 5 times you have listened to my monologues...

  • We have featured 14 adventurers with epilepsy

  • Adventurous activities mentioned so far include hiking, running, camping, ultimate Frisbee, paddleboarding and stand-up paddleboarding, skiing, mountain biking, bike-packing, swimming, surfing, karate, ice climbing, trail running, ultra marathons, archery, freediving, wild swimming, canoeing, snowboarding, ballroom dancing, yoga, and swimming with crocodiles!

  • The podcast has had over 5000 downloads

  • Which works out at about 160 of you listening per episode

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Disclaimer: All stories are personal experience. We take no responsibility for individual decisions made with regards to adventure sports or medical conditions.


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NEW HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Steven Mon | Creative Commons Attribution License

Poignant Texas by Mark T | Attribution non-commercial license.

Dandelion.mp3 by TexasMusicForge | Attribution non-commercial license.

acoustic guitar interlude by graham_makes | Attribution non-commercial license.

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I am working to try and get accurate transcripts for all the Seize Your Adventure episodes. In the meantime, you can find most episodes on YouTube for auto transcription.

A plain background. A cut-out of Jade is to the right, leaning on her elbow and laughing. Text over says 'Revisit: Peace in West Texas'.

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