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Bonus Episode: Can I Do Adventure Sport with Epilepsy?

I get a lot of people contacting me. People who have adventurous souls and lived and breathed their sports before they started having seizures and were diagnosed with epilepsy.

And the question I get asked most by people in this situation is “can I do this sport with epilepsy?”. 

And no matter what the sport is, my answer always has to be the same: “I cannot say”. 

I talk about a very valuable resource from the International League Against Epilepsy or ILAE that was recently shared with with. And I wish that I’d known about this sooner because it’s two tables that clearly lay out some guidelines for taking part in sports with epilepsy. 

One table is labelled ‘Seizure risk level in sport’ 

The second table is labelled ‘Recommended sport participation by seizure’.

Listen to me talk about some of the sports on these tables, and advice on doing sports with epilepsy by the ILAE. 

You can find the tables by ILAE here:

DISCLAIMER: All information presented in this podcast is for your information. I have not contributed to the classing of sports. I take no responsibility for individual decisions made with regards to adventure sports or medical conditions. Risks will be different based on the sport and individual. Always speak to your neurology team.

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