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S1 E0: Gearing up for Adventure (Full Transcript)

FIRST MAN’s VOICE: --it’s never going to be easy an adventure, it’s always going to be difficult at some point--

WOMAN’s VOICE: --you can find adventure in all parts of your life, it’s just kinda how it makes you feel--

SECOND MAN’s VOICE: --when you’re experiencing joy, you’re experiencing excitement, you’re experiencing fear, you’re experiencing intimidation--

FIRST MAN’s VOICE: -- but that’s one sacrifice that it’s worth it to take because it always leads to really positive things happening along the way--

WOMAN’s VOICE: --challenging, completely off-the-wall things that everyone goes “oh I don’t think you should do that…”--

SECOND MAN’s VOICE: --that brings you somewhere that just feeds your soul...

FRAN: Hello adventurers, I am Fran Turauskis and you’re listening to Seize Your Adventure. This podcast is for people who want to explore the whole spectrum of adventure, from life-changing journeys and extreme challenges, to the smaller moments spent outside.

But Seize Your Adventure is more than an ‘adventure sports’ podcast. Seize Your Adventure is also a bit of a clever pun, because all of the guests and people sharing stories throughout this series live the adventure lifestyle whilst also living with epilepsy.

Including me. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2015, and then in 2017 I walked the Camino de Santiago by myself. During that hike, so many of the other pilgrims told me that they were surprised and impressed by the fact that I could take on a solo hike when I have epilepsy. I found myself talking about my diagnosis a lot and spreading some awareness about seizures. But I also had to reassure people that there are a lot of us out there whose lives aren’t mapped by the condition.

This podcast is a way to introduce you to those people. You’ll get to hear stories about long-distance hiking, skiing in snowstorms and camping under the stars . And there will also be interviews that dive into the deeper stuff, the hidden aspects of taking on adventures with epilepsy - from carrying medication in a backpack, to the pleasure of the first duck dive after brain surgery.

In Episode One, you’ll hear a story from Jade Nelson. Now, Jade carries many titles. As well as being an Epilepsy Advocate, she is a Licensed Massage Therapist, lifestyle coach, Writer, and motivational speaker.

Jade’s story will take us to the heart of West Texas as she tells us about a short camping trip with her husband – and their two dogs. Here’s a little taster for you:

[Steel guitar music]

[When JADE starts speaking we recognise her as the WOMAN’s VOICE from the start]

JADE (over music): This is the moment it could have gone south really fast. Back in the car. I could tell he was irritated, and I was mad at myself – but we had a bigger problem. We had no place to stay and the sun was setting fast.

[Music ends]

FRAN: Jade’s voice is so relaxing, it’s been great listening to her as I’ve been doing the editing. I’m so excited for you to hear the full story, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss it.

Whilst you’re waiting, please do head to - that’s y-o-u-r adventure

You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook we’re @SYAdventurers, and our newsletter gives you a monthly dose of inspirational stories and quotes. All those links are in the show notes.

Thanks for listening and until next time, safe adventures everyone.


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