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Episode 1: Peace in West Texas

Welcome to the Seize Your Adventure podcast! This podcast lets you listen stories and interviews from people living the outdoor and adventure lifestyle, with epilepsy. Our first episode explores the idea of a spectrum of adventure, and gives an insight into one way a person with epilepsy enjoys the outdoors.

Camping is one of the simplest ways to spend some time outdoors, so when Jade was determined to get back out into nature, a short camping trip seemed like the obvious choice. When she and her husband Eric set out with their dogs, she had specific expectations. Fond memories of camping trips in the Pacific Northwest and New England meant she hoped to find comfort in the beauty of her surroundings.

But camping in West Texas was a new experience. And when a small mistake threatened to upset the whole trip, Jade discovered that the Lone Star State had an emotional lesson to teach her…

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Poignant Texas by Mark T

Dandelion.mp3 by TexasMusicForge

acoustic guitar interlude by graham_makes

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