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Episode 14: The Outdoor Mindset

In 2010, thirteen individuals got together in a hut in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The group shared a passion for the outdoors, an unyielding enthusiasm for life… and they also shared a link to different neurological challenges.

These hardships could easily have led to a more subdued mindset. The thirteen people could have opted for a quieter, indoor life. But instead, they were inspired by one of the friends, whose diagnosis of a brain tumour encouraged him to use the outdoors as a way to cope, and a way to connect with others.  

That friend was Kyle Martin, and this meeting was the start of the organisation Outdoor Mindset (OM). 

Learn more about the Founders and members of the Outdoor Mindset community, and listen to how and why they chose to get outdoors and do adventure sports with conditions such as Parkinsons, MS, epilepsy and brain tumour.

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Groovy Guitar – LOOP by joshuaempyre | License: Attribution

Groovy Guitar 2 – LOOP.wav by joshuaempyre | License: Attribution

Lonely Lake by Kev Rowe | License: Creative Commons

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In the snow with mountains behind, Kyle wears a blue coat and ski goggles. He's holding his hand up in a strong gesture.
Kyle in a blue coat and ski goggles holds his hand in a strong gesture. It is snowing and there are mountains behind.

Smiling at the camera, Jake wears sunglasses and a baseball cap. Green trees behind.
Smiling at the camera, Jake wears sunglasses and a baseball cap. There are green pine trees behind.

From a kayak, the pictures shows 4 Outdoor Mindset members in kayaks and one paddleboards on the lake.
From a kayak, the pictures shows Outdoor Mindset members enjoy the lake, in kayaks and on paddleboards,

Jeanie takes a selfie in a bike helmet and sunglasses. Fran is behind on her bike. There are mountains in the background.
A smiling selfie of Jeanie in her bike helmet and sunglasses, with Fran behind on her bike. Mountains in the background.

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