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Episode 2: A Chat with Jade Nelson

In this Q&A, we’ll learn a bit more about Jade Nelson, who wrote and read the Episode 1 story, “Peace in West Texas”.

Jade is a licensed Massage Therapist, Epilepsy Advocate, Public Speaker and Writer based in Austin, Texas. Her focus is helping spread awareness of epilepsy and the ketogenic diet (a high fat, low carb diet that was invented in the 1920s to help control seizures) via her talks and writing. Her website,, is packed with recipes and information on the ketogenic diet and learning to live the ketogenic lifestyle.

Jade and I have been talking via Instagram and email for over a year now, but this was the first time we had actually spoken to each other, so it was great to have a talk. There’s about a 6 hour time difference between us, and Jade kindly got up before sunrise to speak to me. It was a pretty intense conversation for that time in the morning, but it was so good to learn more about Jade! We talked about some of the activities Jade’s been involved in over the years, including karate, stand up paddleboarding, and ultimate Frisbee. We talked about some of her bigger adventures, and the small routines she does to keep her active.

And we talked about Jade’s epilepsy, the various medications and treatments for epilepsy over the years, including the ketogenic diet. 

I’d also like to pre-preemptively correct my ignorance. At one point during the conversation, I say that stand up paddleboarding is a new sport. I have since researched, and it’s not new at all. It’s been practised in Hawaii since about the 16th Century.

DISCLAIMER:  The discussion in this episode relates to Jade’s personal experience, and it is important to discuss with your doctors and professional team whether the ketogenic diet will be suitable for you. 

If you take AEDs or medication, do not stop them except on doctors advice.  The ketogenic diet should only be attempted with the knowledge and advice of your neurology team and a nutritionist.

If you would like to learn more about epilepsy, or have been affected by this episode, you can phone the epilepsy society (UK) on 01494 601 400

Find out more about Jade:


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