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Episode 7: 20ish Questions with Jordan Wylie

Adventurer. Soldier. Author. Jordan Wylie is known for his challenges at the extreme end of the adventure spectrum. Described by Sir Ranulph Fiennes as “A determined, fearless adventurer and an inspiring man”, Jordan has run races in Iraq, Afghansistan and Somalia, he has written a book about his time tackling pirates off the coast of Africa, and he has hiked Kilimajaro… barefoot.

But Jordan is also known for his passion for helping others in his role as an ambassador, trustee and campaigner for various international charities, including Frontline Children and Epilepsy Action. He was diagnosed with epilepsy himself after he contracted dengue fever whilst in Djibouti. But rather than letting it slow him down, Jordan took on the role of an epilepsy ambassador, and continues to push the boundaries of extreme adventure.

We talked about:

  1. His most difficult challenge so far

  2. How he was diagnosed with epilepsy

  3. What an Extreme Adventurer does when they’re not adventuring

  4. Who makes him starstruck

  5. His must-visit travel destinations

  6. How to limit epilepsy risk

  7. Swimming with crocodiles!

  8. And more

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