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Episode 7 | Frankie York: Surfing and learning how to adventure with epilepsy

Back in July, Seize Your Adventure grew a little bit bigger. Francesca York (who luckily goes by Frankie to stop any confusion!) has volunteered her help over the next few months as an SYA Intern and it will be great to get her fresh eyes/ears on things.

This episode shares the Instagram LIVE conversation me and Frankie had back in August, where we got to learn a little bit more about her, and how she seizes her adventure.

We talked about:

  • Learning to surf (because of a boy...)

  • The dangers of surfing with epilepsy, and some close calls

  • How your choices regarding risk can affect others

  • The best way to learn to surf as a beginner

  • How surfing can be addictive and becomes a lifestyle

  • Learning to listen to your body when you have epilepsy

  • Speaking to lifeguards about your epilepsy

  • Basic safety in the water when surfing

  • Plans for Frankie's study abroad year in Spain...

Frankie is hard at work on her own episode about her relationship with surfing, and how people have helped her through her diagnosis., so make sure you are subscribed to hear that episode later in the year.

CONTENT WARNING: We talk about some close calls with surfing, and the potential consequences of having a seizure in water.

Disclaimer: Please remember this is Frankie' personal experience. We take no responsibility for individual decisions made with regards to adventure sports or medical conditions.


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Kev Rowe on Soundcloud | Creative Commons Attribution License


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Photo by Taylor McElderry. Chris walks his bike at the end of the ride. He is wearing his jersey and purple flower lei.
Lying on her surfboard, Frankie is wearing her ‘game face’ as she paddles back to the line-up after catching a wave.

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