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S3 E2 | A Q&A with Cameron Schwartzkopf

Episode 2 follows on from Cameron's Article - Learning from Surfing with Epilepsy. Those of you who are very attentive to the Seize Your Adventure feed might well recognise this episode. Due to an issue with my hosting, my Patron-only episodes suddenly went public for a bit - including this Q&A! And I saw many of you downloading it, I started thinking about my offering for Season 3. After speaking to my Patrons, I've decided to make all the Q&As public.

Here is the Q&A that I had with Cameron back in December 2020. We talked about surfing, snowboarding, holding on to hope in tough times, and how adventure can be having the confidence to stay safe.

You can read the blog version of this Q&A on the website:

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Disclaimer: All stories are personal experience. We take no responsibility for individual decisions made with regards to adventure sports or medical conditions.

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