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S3 E1 | Cameron: Learning from Surfing with Epilepsy

Welcome to the first The Articles episode!

Is surfing with epilepsy dangerous? What happens if you have a seizure in the water? This is something we hear about in Cameron's story.

CW: Cameron goes into detail on the consequences of having a seizure in water whilst he's surfing. So please bear in mind that some of the content and descriptions might be upsetting.

Frankie and I discuss the story from 9:30mins.

-Fran and Frankie catch up and discuss the article

-The article resonates with and is very important to Frankie due to her background surfing with epilepsy and similar experiences of dealing with seizures in the water

-Fran and Frankie discuss the slightly traumatic nature of the article and how Cameron acknowledges any mistakes he made leading up to the incident

-Frankie comments that she would have liked more detail on how Cameron mitigates the risk and impact of this reoccurring

-Fran discusses the importance of handling this article delicately due to its intensity.

I had also had a short chat with Cameron about his adventures with epilepsy. There will be a blog post of my Q&A on the website next week, but If you're a $10 Patron, you can listen to Cameron himself over on the Patron-only feed now!

Disclaimer: All stories are personal experience. We take no responsibility for individual decisions made with regards to adventure sports or medical conditions.

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Kev Rowe on Soundcloud| Creative Commons Attribution License

Additional sea sounds from Zapsplat



A wide shot of a blue sea with Cameron catching a big wave from left to right.
Cameron in his happy place, surfing a wave.

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