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S3 E3 | Martin: Venturing Out Alone

This is the second Articles episode!

Martin had his first tonic-clonic seizure when he was 10 years old, whilst playing a recorder in a music lesson. Since then, he has lived with epilepsy and seizures. In secondary school, he was told he could not go on a ski-trip because of this epilepsy - not once but twice.

But when Martin left school, a friend at work suggested that they should start travelling together. Now he had a travel-buddy, Martin could travel safely with epilepsy, and they went to Australia, Iceland and more. And Martin was excited to book a trip together to his dream destination - America!

But when his travel companion had to drop out of the trip, Martin had to decide - could he travel alone with epilepsy?

This article first appeared on Martin's blog:

Frankie and I discuss the story from 9:25mins:

- Fran and Frankie catch up and discuss the article

- What they loved about the article

- Admitting when something is difficult

- Martin's great advice for travelling with epilepsy

- How lovely Martin's friendship with his colleague was

- Why encouragement from others makes all the difference

- Why it's nice to hear a longer story from an Instagram persona!

- How Fran has improved her epilepsy routine over the years

I had also had a short chat with Martin about his adventures with epilepsy, and travelling to American alone . The Q&A will be out in 2 week's time. But if you're a $10 Patron, you can listen early over on the Patron-only feed!

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Disclaimer: All stories on Seize Your Adventure are personal experience. We take no responsibility for individual decisions made with regards to adventure sports or medical conditions.

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