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S3 E5 | Fran: Advocating for Adventure in the Everyday

Over the years I have written many articles about adventuring with epilepsy. I wanted to share this one with you because it does not focus on the epilepsy side of things, but rather it was a nice reminder of what adventure can bring to you. How do you have small adventures? Can you have an adventure close to home? And after years of asking other people what adventure means to them, I try to answer the questions 'what is adventure?' in this article.

Do you agree? How do you have an adventure? Do adventures have to be big? These are the types of questions I have tried to answer!

Frankie and I discuss the story from 5:20mins:

- Where the idea for this article can from

- The writing and (lack of) editing process

- How the small adventure mindset prepared me for lockdown adventures

- Interestingly found new places during lockdown!

- Reframing what adventure means

- Shared family experiences in Wales

- The privilege of being introduced to the outdoors as a child

- Frankie's small Ikea adventure!

- Adventures with dogs

- Plans for a return to Wales this month...

Disclaimer: All stories on Seize Your Adventure are personal experience. We take no responsibility for individual decisions made with regards to adventure sports or medical conditions.

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