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Season Two Trailer (Full Transcript)

JEWEL: I think adventure for me is doing something different. And doing things that are unusual and exciting--

IAN: It’s definitely different to what it used to be. Cause adventure for me previously would have been going on holiday to somewhere where you’ve never been before, that kind of thing--

JARED: I consider just about every single surf an adventure--

CHRIS: Adventure is-- oh man, that’s a difi-- it’s not difficult--

FRAN (to CHRIS): --oh you knew that it was coming!

CHRIS: I knew-- I knew that it was coming..

[fades out]

FRAN (in studio): Hello everyone, I am Fran Turauskis and I’m happy to introduce you to Season Two of Seize Your Adventure. This season continues to explore the concept of adventure on a spectrum. Over the past few months, I’ve been hunting down even more people living with epilepsy who enjoy the adventure lifestyle.

This season will have more ‘chats’ with guests. We talked about how the smaller adventures can help maintain a sense of self after a diagnosis--

CHRIS: My dad actually took me on a cycling-- like, not very far, only, I don’t know, maybe 3 or 4K down from their house. He said “look you still did it. You’re still doing it. You didn’t-- nothing’s changed there you’re still riding your bike.”

FRAN: and also how having epilepsy has helped some people change their path in life.

IAN: Not being able to do exercise was probably psychology related, and I couldn’t get the motivation to do stuff. I thought, well, this is what I’d like to do, I’d like to do something-- with your job as a coach as to how you could somebody from a psychological perspective.

FRAN: We’ll be hearing about even more sports, from cycling to surfing--

JARED: The rush of emotion that hit me when I duck-dove under the wave and got to feel water surrounding my head for the first time in three-or-so months--

FRAN: and we’ll continue to shed a light on some of the hidden aspects of taking on adventures with epilepsy.

BECKY: Travel insurance has been a real pain. I contacted so many travel insurers and they said “yes we can cover you, but you need to come back to the UK”. And I was like “I’m in New Zealand”.

FRAN: The guests acknowledge the limitations of living with epilepsy everyday--

JEWEL: I ran track in highschool. So in my mind it was like “oh it’s gonna be like riding a bike”. (Laughs) little did I realise that there were a lot of things that I didn’t-- I didn’t (laughs) put into context when I was thinking about it, because when I was running track in highschool, I wasn’t-- I didn’t have seizures.

FRAN: --and we do also go into some of the consequences and risks of having seizures at the wrong time.

BECKY: I wasn’t aware that I’d had a seizure but I woke up running. I felt like I was in a zombie-apocalypse movie and I was just running through this forest. And I had, like, blood on me and vomit on me and I was, like, “what is going on?” I just had that fight-or-flight instinct, and I was like “I’m running”.

FRAN: So whatever your connection to adventure or epilepsy, Season Two of Seize Your Adventure will help you explore what adventure means to you. Episode 0 is out on 30th March. Hit the subscribe button now so you don’t miss it. In the meantime, you can head to for some blog posts, and follow @SYAdventurers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank-you all for listening, and until then, safe adventures!


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