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Bonus Episode 2 | Seizure First Aid by Jamie Wissinger from the '1 in 26' Podcast

Enjoy this quick bonus episode from Jamie Wissinger, host of the epilepsy podcast '1 in 26' . I thought it was about time to share some official Seizure First Aid , and asked Jamie to share her knowledge as an official trainer.

Be Calm

Remove Dangerous Objects

Always Time the Seizure

If the person falls, turn them on their side

Never put anything in their mouth

As well as hosting 1 in 26, Jamie is a wife and a mama to three children and owns her own business.  

She has always had seizures, from being born two months early, to not having a breakthrough seizure until age 5, then a hiatus until age 21.  After having multiple seizures, in 2011, she decided to make a change.  She was unhappy with the way she looked, felt, and acted.  One day she decided she was no longer accepting that unhappiness and did everything she could to change her life.

And it did.  Since then, she has grown mentally in ways that are amazing.  Just a few years ago she was filled with self doubt, couldn’t stick up for herself, lacked confidence and was surrounded by negativity. Now, she refuses to let that negativity bother her. It will always be there, the stress and the negativity but it is not about that, it’s about how YOU react to it.  It is her mission to support women who are affected by epilepsy and mentor them to pursue whatever they desire.  

Taking everything with one step at a time, it is her passion to inspire women  and not let their disability define who they are.  

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